Why You Should Camp This Summer

Updated June 9, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

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When summer arrives, the long days might feel monotonous but going camping is a perfect way to liven up your weekends. It?s fun, it?s good for you and is an ideal group activity. Technology not required.

Camping is not for the faint of heart. You?re sleeping on the ground, building your own fire, surrounded by bugs, but it can be one of the most satisfyingly beautiful experiences. Stripping away technology for a couple of days and just living in nature will really bring you back to your roots and you?ll remember that the amount of likes on your most recent Instagram post doesn?t really matter, but you willget some pretty good pics for your Insta when that feeling ultimately starts to fade away when you?re back home.

With our phones strapped to our hands, genuine connection with nature is dwindling. The ability to unplug every once in awhile is vital. Taking a step back from constant notifications and texts is good for you. Who cares about FOMO (fear of missing out) when you?re the one doing the exciting thing? Camping will also help you create a better connection to the earth and nature. The first step in understanding why we need to preserve nature is to connect with it and see it mostly untouched by people.

Opportunities to See the Beauty Nature Provides

When you go camping you have the greatest opportunity to watch the sun rise and set with a natural backup unspoiled by high rises and smokestacks. If you live in a city, you may never notice the sunrises or sunsets. The whole environment of the city is just in the way. When you go camping, you?re away from any and all distractions and traffic lights so even the stars will look amazing.

Camping is also the ultimate bonding experience. When you need to work together to survive the great outdoors you and your friends or family will really band together to do the work. Obviously, you need to choose who you camp with carefully or else you?ll have a Parent Trapsituation where the entire camping experience becomes unbearable because of one person complaining the whole time. On the other hand camping can be the perfect experience for an introverted person. It?s just you, a good book, and nature where no one can or will bother you for however long your trip is. Sounds like a dream.

Hey, Did I Just Walk 20 Miles?

Camping is also just good for you. No doubt you?ll get exercise, since camping incorporates hiking and it?s a proven fact that exercise makes people happier. It?s been reported that outdoor activity also improves moods and helps ease mental illness. Because you'll be so preoccupied with exploring the trees and wildlife in the desert or forest, you're visiting, you may not even realize how much Camping is a healthy activity with tons of advantages. Camping doesn?t even have to be as intense as you think it is! You can bring all your own food, pick a campsite with amenities and bring the latest outdoor supplies that you need to do the hard stuff with minimal effort (like building a fire). Being active in the great outdoors--no matter how intensely--will surely be a great adventure.

>On a side note, you should camp because if you are a good camper you?re probably going to be a very reliable asset during an apocalypse--when the zombies come you?ll be ready--or if you get stranded on a deserted island. Suddenly knowing how to keep yourself alive becomes really important then! Go forth and camp!

By Sabrina Petrafesa

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