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Pronunciation: (won'dur), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to ramble without a definite purpose or objective; roam, rove, or stray: to wander over the earth.
  2. to go aimlessly, indirectly, or casually; meander: The river wanders among the rocks.
  3. to extend in an irregular course or direction: Foothills wandered off to the south.
  4. to move, pass, or turn idly, as the hand or the eyes.
  5. (of the mind, thoughts, desires, etc.) to take one direction or another without conscious intent or control: His attention wandered as the speaker droned on.
  6. to stray from a path, place, companions, etc.: During the storm the ship wandered from its course.
  7. to deviate in conduct, belief, etc.; err; go astray: Let me not wander from Thy Commandments.
  8. to think or speak confusedly or incoherently.
  1. to travel about, on, or through: He wandered the streets.
  1. the drift of a gyroscope or a similar device.
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