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Pronunciation: (wag'un), [key]
— n.
  1. any of various kinds of four-wheeled vehicles designed to be pulled or having its own motor and ranging from a child's toy to a commercial vehicle for the transport of heavy loads, delivery, etc.
  2. See
  3. a police van for transporting prisoners; patrol wagon: The fight broke up before the wagon arrived.
  4. (cap.)Charles's Wain. See
  5. a railway freight car or flatcar.
  6. a baby carriage.
  7. a chariot.
  8. See(def. 21).
  9. to get even with or punish someone: He'd better mind his own business or I'll really fix his wagon.
  10. to have a high ambition, ideal, or purpose: It is better to hitch one's wagon to a star than to wander aimlessly through life.
  11. again drinking alcoholic beverages after a period of abstinence.
  12. abstaining from alcoholic beverages.
  1. to transport or convey by wagon.
  1. to proceed or haul goods by wagon: It was strenuous to wagon up the hill.
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