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Pronunciation: (trus), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to tie, bind, or fasten.
  2. to make fast with skewers, thread, or the like, as the wings or legs of a fowl in preparation for cooking.
  3. to furnish or support with a truss or trusses.
  4. to tie or secure (the body) closely or tightly; bind (often fol. by up).
  5. (of a hawk, falcon, etc.) to grasp (prey) firmly.
    1. any of various structural frames based on the geometric rigidity of the triangle and composed of straight members subject only to longitudinal compression, tension, or both: functions as a beam or cantilever to support bridges, roofs, etc. Cf.complete(def. 8),incomplete(def. 3),redundant(def. 5c).
    2. any of various structural frames constructed on principles other than the geometric rigidity of the triangle or deriving stability from other factors, as the rigidity of joints, the abutment of masonry, or the stiffness of beams.
  1. an apparatus consisting of a pad usually supported by a belt for maintaining a hernia in a reduced state.
  2. a compact terminal cluster or head of flowers growing upon one stalk.
  3. a device for supporting a standing yard, having a pivot permitting the yard to swing horizontally when braced.
  4. a collection of things tied together or packed in a receptacle; bundle; pack.
  5. a bundle of hay or straw, esp. one containing about 56 lb. (25.4 kg) of old hay, 60 lb. (27.2 kg) of new hay, or 36 lb. (16.3 kg) of straw.
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