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Pronunciation: (s'chur), [key]
— n., v., -tured, -tur•ing.
    1. a joining of the lips or edges of a wound or the like by stitching or some similar process.
    2. a particular method of doing this.
    3. one of the stitches or fastenings employed.
    1. the line of junction of two bones, esp. of the skull, in an immovable articulation.
    2. the articulation itself.
  1. the junction or line of junction of contiguous parts, as the line of closure between the valves of a bivalve shell, a seam where carpels of a pericarp join, etc.
  2. a seam as formed in sewing; a line of junction between two parts.
  3. a sewing together or a joining as by sewing.
  1. to unite by or as by a suture.
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