Meaning of stew


Pronunciation: (st, sty), [key]
  1. to undergo cooking by simmering or slow boiling.
  2. to fret, worry, or fuss: He stewed about his chaotic state of affairs all day.
  3. to feel uncomfortable due to a hot, humid, stuffy atmosphere, as in a closed room; swelter.
  4. to suffer the consequences of one's own actions.
  1. a preparation of meat, fish, or other food cooked by stewing, esp. a mixture of meat and vegetables.
  2. a state of agitation, uneasiness, or worry.
  3. a brothel; whorehouse.
  4. a neighborhood occupied chiefly by brothels.
  5. a vessel for boiling or stewing.


Pronunciation: (st, sty), [key]
  1. steward;
  2. stewardess.
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