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Pronunciation: (slûr), [key]
— v., n. slurred, slur•ring,
  1. to pass over lightly or without due mention or consideration (often fol. by over): The report slurred over her contribution to the enterprise.
  2. to pronounce (a syllable, word, etc.) indistinctly by combining, reducing, or omitting sounds, as in hurried or careless utterance.
  3. to cast aspersions on; calumniate; disparage; depreciate: The candidate was viciously slurred by his opponent.
    1. to sing to a single syllable or play without a break (two or more tones of different pitch).
    2. to mark with a slur.
  4. to smirch, sully, or stain.
  1. to read, speak, or sing hurriedly and carelessly.
  1. a slurred utterance or sound.
  2. a disparaging remark or a slight: quick to take offense at a slur.
  3. a blot or stain, as upon reputation: a slur on his good name.
    1. the combination of two or more tones of different pitch, sung to a single syllable or played without a break.
    2. a curved mark indicating this.
  4. a spot that is blurred or unclear as a result of paper, plate, or blanket slippage.
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