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Pronunciation: (shuf'ul), [key]
— v., n. -fled, -fling,
  1. to walk without lifting the feet or with clumsy steps and a shambling gait.
  2. to scrape the feet over the floor in dancing.
  3. to move clumsily (usually fol. by into): to shuffle into one's clothes.
  4. to act underhandedly or evasively with respect to a stated situation (often fol. by in, into, or out of&hasp;): to shuffle out of one's responsibilities.
  5. to intermix so as to change the relative positions of cards in a pack.
  1. to move (one's feet) along the ground or floor without lifting them.
  2. to perform (a dance) with such movements.
  3. to move (an object or objects) this way and that.
  4. to put, thrust, or bring trickily, evasively, or haphazardly (usually fol. by in, into, out, etc.): to shuffle one's way into favor.
  5. to mix (cards in a pack) so as to change the relative positions.
  6. to jumble together, mix, or interchange the positions of (objects).
  7. They shuffled off to school with little enthusiasm.
    1. to thrust aside; get rid of.
    2. to move away by, or as if by, shuffling:They shuffled off to school with little enthusiasm.
  1. a scraping movement; dragging gait.
  2. an evasive trick; evasion.
  3. an act or instance of shuffling.
  4. You win the shuffle.
    1. a shuffling of cards in a pack.
    2. the right or turn to shuffle preparatory to dealing:You win the shuffle.
  5. a dance in which the feet are shuffled along the floor.
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