Meaning of shoot


Pronunciation: (sht), [key]
— v., n. shot, shoot•ing,
  1. to hit, wound, damage, kill, or destroy with a missile discharged from a weapon.
  2. to execute or put to death with a bullet: to be shot at sunrise.
  3. to send forth or discharge (a missile) from a weapon: to shoot a bullet.
  4. to discharge (a weapon): to shoot a gun.
  5. to send forth (words, ideas, etc.) rapidly: to shoot questions at someone.
  6. to fling; propel: The volcano shot lava high into the air.
  7. to direct suddenly or swiftly: Shoot the spotlight on the doorway. He shot a smile at his wife.
  8. to move suddenly; send swiftly along.
  9. to go over (country) in hunting game.
  10. to pass rapidly through, over, down, etc.: to shoot rapids.
  11. to emit (a ray or rays, as of light) suddenly, briefly, or intermittently.
  12. to variegate by threads, streaks, etc., of another color.
  13. to cause to extend or project: He shot out his arm and grabbed the ball.
  14. to discharge or empty, as down a chute: Do not shoot rubbish here!
    1. to throw, kick, or otherwise propel (a ball, puck, etc.), as at a goal or teammate.
    2. to score (a goal, points, etc.) by propelling the ball, puck, etc.
  15. to propel (a marble) from the crook or first knuckle of the forefinger by flicking with the thumb.
  16. (in dice games) I'll shoot ten bucks.
    1. to throw (the dice or a specific number).
    2. to wager or offer to bet (a sum of money):I'll shoot ten bucks.
  17. to photograph or film.
  18. to put forth (buds, branches, etc.), as a plant.
  19. to slide (a bolt or the like) into or out of its fastening.
  20. to pull (one's cuffs) abruptly toward one's hands.
  21. to make a final score of (so many strokes): He shot a 73 on the first 18 holes of the tournament.
  22. to take the altitude of (a heavenly body): to shoot the sun.
  23. to detonate; cause to explode, as a charge of explosives.
  24. to practice (a maneuver) by repetition: to shoot landings.
  25. to inject (an addictive drug) intravenously.
  1. to send forth missiles from a bow, firearm, or the like.
  2. to be discharged, as a firearm.
  3. to hunt with a gun for sport: He fishes, but he doesn't shoot.
  4. to move or pass suddenly or swiftly; spurt: The car shot ahead and was soon out of sight.
  5. to acquire momentum and coast into the wind, as a sailboat in a confined area.
  6. to grow forth from the ground, as a stem.
  7. to put forth buds or shoots, as a plant; germinate.
  8. to photograph.
  9. to film or begin to film a scene or movie.
  10. to extend; jut: a cape shooting out into the sea.
  11. He shot for the green with a five iron.
    1. to propel a ball, puck, etc., at a goal, basket, pocket, etc., or in a specific direction:He shot for the green with a five iron.
    2. to propel a ball in a specific way:The center shoots left-handed.
  12. to be felt by or flow through or permeate the body: Pain shot through his injured arm. Chills shot up and down her spine.
  13. to carry by force of discharge or momentum: The missile left its pad and shot thousands of miles into space.
  14. to begin, esp. to begin to talk: I want to hear your complaint, so shoot!
  15. They shot down several ducks.
    1. to cause to fall by hitting with a shot:They shot down several ducks.
    2. Informal.to disparage, reject, or expose as false or inadequate; debunk:to shoot down a popular theory.
  16. to attempt to obtain or accomplish; strive toward: He is shooting for a higher production level.
  17. to act or speak without due consideration or deliberation.
  18. He likes to shoot off his mouth about what a great guy he is.
    1. to talk indiscreetly, esp. to reveal confidences, make thoughtless remarks, etc.
    2. to exaggerate:He likes to shoot off his mouth about what a great guy he is.
  19. See (def. 16).
  20. See (def. 7).
  21. See (def. 5).
  22. See (def. 2).
  23. See(def. 18).
  24. cowboys shooting up the town.
    1. to grow rapidly or suddenly.
    2. Informal.to damage or harass by reckless shooting:cowboys shooting up the town.
    3. to wound by shooting:He shot up the lion, but his guide killed it.
    4. Slang.to inject an addictive drug intravenously.
  1. the act of shooting with a bow, firearm, etc.
  2. a hunting trip or expedition.
  3. a match or contest at shooting.
  4. a growing or sprouting, as of a plant.
  5. a new or young growth that shoots off from some portion of a plant.
  6. the amount of such growth.
  7. a young branch, stem, twig, or the like.
  8. a sprout that is not three feet high.
  9. a chute.
  10. the launching of a missile.
  11. a photographic assignment or session, as for a feature film or a television commercial: The actress is away on a shoot.
  12. the interval between strokes.
    1. a small tunnel branching off from a larger tunnel.
    2. a narrow vein of ore.


Pronunciation: (sht), [key]
— interj.
  1. (used to express irritation or astonishment).
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