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Pronunciation: (set'up"), [key]
— n.
    1. station (def. 14a).
    2. a surveying instrument precisely positioned for observations from a station.
    3. a gap between the end of a chain or tape being used for a measurement and the point toward which it is laid.
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Pronunciation: (set'up"), [key]
— n.
  1. organization; arrangement.
  2. an act or instance of setting up or getting ready: The setup of the lights and camera took most of the morning.
  3. the carriage of the body; bearing.
  4. a camera position, as for a particular shot.
  5. everything required for an alcoholic drink except the liquor, as a glass, ice, and soda water, as served to patrons who provide their own liquor.
    1. an undertaking or contest deliberately made easy.
    2. a match or game arranged with an opponent who can be defeated without risk or effort.
    3. an opponent easy to defeat.
  6. a playmaker who excels in setups.
    1. a shot or play that results in a puck, shuttlecock, ball, or balls being so positioned as to provide a player with an easy opportunity for a winning shot:a playmaker who excels in setups.
    2. the position of such a puck, ball, etc.:a setup close to and to the left of the goalkeeper.
    3. the puck, ball, etc., itself:The wing banged the setup into the goal.
  7. an arrangement of all the tools, parts, apparatus, etc., necessary for any of various specific jobs or purposes.
  8. the equipment or items necessary for a particular activity or period; kit: Each student gets a weekly setup of clean blankets, sheets, and towels.
  9. a plan or projected course of action.
  10. a prearranged situation or circumstance, usually created to fool or trap someone; trick; scheme.
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