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Pronunciation: (sē'sô"), [key]
— n.
  1. a recreation in which two children alternately ride up and down while seated at opposite ends of a plank balanced at the middle.
  2. a plank or apparatus for this recreation.
  3. an up-and-down or a back-and-forth movement or procedure.
  4. a crossruff.
  1. moving up and down, back and forth, or alternately ahead and behind: It was a seesaw game with the lead changing hands many times.
  1. to move in a seesaw manner: The boat seesawed in the heavy sea.
  2. to ride or play on a seesaw.
  3. to keep changing one's decision, opinion, or attitude; vacillate.
  1. to cause to move in a seesaw manner.
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