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Pronunciation: (su-lt'), [key]
— v. n. -lut•ed, -lut•ing,
  1. to pay respect to or honor by some formal act, as by raising the right hand to the side of the headgear, presenting arms, firing cannon, dipping colors, etc.
  2. to address with expressions of goodwill, respect, etc.; greet.
  3. to make a bow or other gesture to, as in greeting, farewell, or respect.
  4. to express respect or praise for; honor; commend.
  1. to give a salute.
  2. to perform a salutation.
  1. at the salute.
    1. the special act of respect paid in saluting.
    2. the position of the hand or rifle in saluting:at the salute.
  2. an act of saluting; salutation.
  3. a gold coin, bearing the image of the Virgin Mary receiving Gabriel's salutation, issued by Charles VI of France and by Henry V and Henry VI of England.


Pronunciation: (sä-l'te), [key]
— interj. Italian.
  1. (used after a person has sneezed or as a toast.)
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