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Pronunciation: (run'ur), [key]
— n.
  1. a person, animal, or thing that runs, esp. as a racer.
  2. a messenger.
  3. a messenger of a bank or brokerage house.
  4. See
  5. the ball-carrier.
  6. a person whose business it is to solicit patronage or trade.
  7. a person acting as collector, agent, or the like, for a bank, broker, etc.
  8. something in or on which something else runs or moves.
  9. either of the long, bladelike strips of metal or wood on which a sled or sleigh slides.
  10. the blade of an ice skate.
  11. the rotating system of blades driven by the fluid passing through a reaction turbine.
  12. the rotating member of a pair of millstones. Cf.
  13. a roller on which something moves along.
    1. a sliding piece, as a loper.
    2. rocker (def. 1).
  14. an operator or manager, as of a machine.
  15. a long, narrow rug, suitable for a hall or passageway.
  16. a long, narrow strip of line, embroidery, lace, or the like, placed across a table.
    1. a slender stolon that runs along the surface of the ground and sends out roots and leaves at the nodes, as in the strawberry.
    2. a plant that spreads by such stems.
  17. any of the channels through which molten metal flows.
  18. a smuggler.
  19. a vessel engaged in smuggling.
  20. a person who takes, transmits, and often pays off bets for a bookmaker or a numbers pool.
  21. a jurel, Caranx crysos, inhabiting waters from Cape Cod to Brazil.
  22. a horizontal longitudinal timber resting upon the uprights of a staging and supporting the footing pieces.
  23. a piece of carpet or matting placed in the wings for deadening offstage sounds.
  24. a tackle or part of a tackle consisting of a line rove through a single block and fixed at one end. See diag. under
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