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Pronunciation: (ri-mōt'), [key]
— adj., n. -mot•er, -mot•est,
  1. far apart; far distant in space; situated at some distance away: the remote jungles of Brazil.
  2. out-of-the-way; secluded: a remote village; a remote mountaintop.
  3. distant in time: remote antiquity.
  4. distant in relationship or connection: a remote ancestor.
  5. operating or controlled from a distance, as by remote control: a remote telephone answering machine.
  6. far off; abstracted; removed: principles remote from actions.
  7. not direct, primary, or proximate; not directly involved or influential: the remote causes of the war.
  8. slight or faint; unlikely: not the remotest idea; a remote chance.
  9. reserved and distant in manner; aloof; not warmly cordial.
  1. a broadcast, usually live, from a location outside a studio.
  2. See(def. 2).
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