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Pronunciation: (pûrj), [key]
— v., n. purged, purg•ing,
  1. to rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify.
  2. to rid, clear, or free (usually fol. by of or from): to purge a political party of disloyal members.
  3. to clear of imputed guilt or ritual uncleanliness.
  4. to clear away or wipe out legally (an offense, accusation, etc.) by atonement or other suitable action.
  5. to remove by cleansing or purifying (often fol. by away, off, or out).
  6. to clear or empty (the bowels) by causing evacuation.
  7. to cause evacuation of the bowels of (a person).
  8. to put to death or otherwise eliminate (undesirable or unwanted members) from a political organization, government, nation, etc.
    1. to drive off (undesirable gases) from a furnace or stove.
    2. to free (a furnace or stove) of undesirable gases.
  1. to become cleansed or purified.
  2. to undergo or cause purging of the bowels.
  1. the act or process of purging.
  2. the removal or elimination of members of a political organization, government, nation, etc., who are considered disloyal or otherwise undesirable.
  3. something that purges, as a purgative medicine or dose.
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