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Pronunciation: (plum), [key]
— n., adj., plum•mer, plum•mest.
  1. the drupaceous fruit of any of several trees belonging to the genus Prunus, of the rose family, having an oblong stone.
  2. the tree itself.
  3. any of various other trees bearing a plumlike fruit.
  4. the fruit itself.
  5. a sugarplum.
  6. a raisin, as in a cake or pudding.
  7. a deep purple varying from bluish to reddish.
  8. an excellent or desirable thing, as a fine position: The choicest plums went to his old cronies.
  9. an unanticipated large increase in money or property, as an unexpected legacy; a windfall: The company offered bonuses and other plums.
  10. Also calleda large stone used in massive concrete construction.
  1. extremely desirable, rewarding, profitable, or the like: a plum job in the foreign service.


Pronunciation: (plum), [key]
— adj., adv.
  1. plumb (defs. 3–7).


Pronunciation: (plum), [key]
— n.
  1. a city in SW Pennsylvania. 25,390.
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