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Pronunciation: (pûr"pun-dik'yu-lur), [key]
— adj.
  1. vertical; straight up and down; upright.
  2. meeting a given line or surface at right angles.
  3. maintaining a standing or upright position; standing up.
  4. having a sharp pitch or slope; steep.
  5. (cap.) noting or pertaining to the last style of English Gothic architecture, prevailing from the late 14th through the early 16th century and characterized by the use of predominantly vertical tracery, an overall linear, shallow effect, and fine intricate stonework.
  1. a perpendicular line or plane.
  2. an instrument for indicating the vertical line from any point.
  3. an upright position.
  4. a sharply pitched or precipitously steep mountain face.
  5. moral virtue or uprightness; rectitude.
  6. either of two lines perpendicular to the keel line, base line, or designed water line of a vessel.
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