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Pronunciation: (pu-rād'), [key]
— n., v., -rad•ed, -rad•ing.
  1. a large public procession, usually including a marching band and often of a festive nature, held in honor of an anniversary, person, event, etc.
  2. a military ceremony involving the formation and marching of troop units, often combined with saluting the lowering of the flag at the end of the day.
  3. the assembly of troops for inspection or display.
  4. a place where troops regularly assemble for inspection or display.
  5. a continual passing by, as of people, objects, or events: the parade of pedestrians past the office; the parade of the seasons.
  6. an ostentatious display: to make a parade of one's religious beliefs.
    1. a group or procession of promenaders.
    2. a promenade.
  7. the level space forming the interior or enclosed area of a fortification.
  8. a parry.
  1. to walk up and down on or in.
  2. to make parade of; display ostentatiously.
  3. to cause to march or proceed for display.
  1. to march in a procession.
  2. to promenade in a public place, esp. in order to show off.
  3. to assemble in military order for display.
  4. to assume a false or misleading appearance: international pressure that parades as foreign aid.
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