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Pronunciation: (mu-n'vur), [key]
— n., v., -vered, -ver•ing.
  1. a planned and regulated movement or evolution of troops, warships, etc.
  2. a series of tactical exercises usually carried out in the field by large bodies of troops in simulating the conditions of war.
  3. an act or instance of changing the direction of a moving ship, vehicle, etc., as required.
  4. an adroit move, skillful proceeding, etc., esp. as characterized by craftiness; ploy: political maneuvers.
  1. to change the position of (troops, ships, etc.) by a maneuver.
  2. to bring, put, drive, or make by maneuvers: He maneuvered his way into the confidence of the enemy.
  3. to manipulate or manage with skill or adroitness: to maneuver a conversation.
  4. to steer in various directions as required.
  1. to perform a maneuver or maneuvers.
  2. to scheme; intrigue.
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