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Pronunciation: (lē'dur), [key]
— n.
  1. a person or thing that leads.
  2. a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group.
    1. a conductor or director, as of an orchestra, band, or chorus.
    2. the player at the head of the first violins in an orchestra, the principal cornetist in a band, or the principal soprano in a chorus, to whom any incidental solos are usually assigned.
  3. a featured article of trade, esp. one offered at a low price to attract customers. Cf. loss leader.
    1. Seeleading article(def. 1).
    2. Also calledleading article.Brit.the principal editorial in a newspaper.
  4. blank film or tape at the beginning of a length of film or magnetic tape, used for threading a motion-picture camera, tape recorder, etc. Cf. trailer (def. 6).
    1. a length of nylon, silkworm gut, wire, or the like, to which the lure or hook is attached.
    2. the net used to direct fish into a weir, pound, etc.
  5. a pipe for conveying rain water downward, as from a roof; downspout.
  6. a horse harnessed at the front of a team.
  7. a row of dots or a short line to lead the eye across a space.
  8. lead (def. 46b).
  9. a duct for conveying warm air from a hot-air furnace to a register or stack.
  10. a thin vein of ore connected with a large vein.
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