Meaning of housing


Pronunciation: (hou'zing), [key]
— n.
  1. any shelter, lodging, or dwelling place.
  2. houses collectively.
  3. the act of one who houses or puts under shelter.
  4. the providing of houses for a group or community: the housing of an influx of laborers.
  5. anything that covers or protects.
  6. a fully enclosed case and support for a mechanism.
  7. the space made in one piece of wood, or the like, for the insertion of another.
    1. Also calledbury.the portion of a mast below the deck.
    2. Also calledbury.the portion of a bowsprit aft of the forward part of the stem of a vessel.
    3. the doubling of an upper mast.
  8. a niche for a statue.


Pronunciation: (hou'zing), [key]
— n.
  1. a covering of cloth for the back and flanks of a horse or other animal, for protection or ornament.
  2. the trappings on a horse.
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