Meaning of herd


Pronunciation: (hûrd), [key]
— n.
  1. a number of animals kept, feeding, or traveling together; drove; flock: a herd of cattle; a herd of sheep; a herd of zebras.
  2. a large group of people: The star was mobbed by a herd of autograph seekers.
  3. any large quantity: a herd of bicycles.
  4. the common people; masses; rabble: He had no opinions of his own, but simply followed the herd.
  5. to have charge or control of; maintain discipline over: He rode herd on 40 students in each class.
  1. to unite or go in a herd; assemble or associate as a herd.


Pronunciation: (hûrd), [key]
— n.
  1. a herdsman (usually used in combination): a cowherd; a goatherd; a shepherd.
  1. to tend, drive, or lead (cattle, sheep, etc.).
  2. to conduct or drive (a group of people) to a destination: The teacher herded the children into the classroom.
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