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Pronunciation: (fôrth, fōrth), [key]
— adv.
  1. onward or outward in place or space; forward: to come forth; go forth.
  2. onward in time, in order, or in a series: from that day forth.
  3. out, as from concealment or inaction; into view or consideration: The author's true point comes forth midway through the book.
  4. away, as from a place or country: to journey forth.
  1. out of; forth from.


Pronunciation: (fôrth, fōrth), [key]
  1. an arm of the North Sea, in SE Scotland: estuary of Forth River. 48 mi. (77 km) long.
  2. a river in S central Scotland, flowing E into the Firth of Forth. 116 mi. (187 km) long.
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