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Pronunciation: (kut'ur), [key]
— n.
  1. a person who cuts, esp. as a job, as one who cuts fabric for garments.
  2. a machine, tool, or other device for cutting.
    1. a single-masted sailing vessel, very similar to a sloop but having its mast set somewhat farther astern, about two-fifths of the way aft measured on the water line.
    2. a ship's boat having double-banked oars and one or two lugsails.
  3. Also calleda lightly armed government vessel used to prevent smuggling and enforce the customs regulations.
  4. a person employed as a film editor.
  5. a small, light sleigh, usually single-seated and pulled by one horse.
  6. Also calleda brick suitable for cutting and rubbing.
  7. (in U.S. government grading of beef&hasp;)
    1. a low-quality grade of beef between utility and canner.
    2. beef of this grade, mostly used in processed beef products, as sausage.
  1. (in U.S. government grading of beef&hasp;) graded between utility and canner.
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