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Pronunciation: (kûrs), [key]
— n., v., cursed curst, curs•ing.
  1. the expression of a wish that misfortune, evil, doom, etc., befall a person, group, etc.
  2. a formula or charm intended to cause such misfortune to another.
  3. the act of reciting such a formula.
  4. a profane oath; curse word.
  5. an evil that has been invoked upon one.
  6. the cause of evil, misfortune, or trouble.
  7. something accursed.
  8. the menstrual period; menstruation (usually prec. by the).
  9. an ecclesiastical censure or anathema.
  1. to wish or invoke evil, calamity, injury, or destruction upon.
  2. to swear at.
  3. to blaspheme.
  4. to afflict with great evil.
  5. to excommunicate.
  1. to utter curses; swear profanely.
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