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Pronunciation: (kôrk), [key]
— n.
  1. the outer bark of an oak, Quercus suber, of Mediterranean countries, used for making stoppers for bottles, floats, etc.
  2. Also calledthe tree itself.
  3. something made of cork.
  4. a piece of cork, rubber, or the like used as a stopper, as for a bottle.
  5. a small float to buoy up a fishing line or to indicate that a fish is biting.
  6. Also calledan outer tissue of bark produced by and exterior to the phellogen.
  7. to lose one's temper; release one's emotional or physical tension.
  1. to provide or fit with cork or a cork.
  2. to stop with or as if with a cork (often fol. by up).
  3. to blacken with burnt cork.


Pronunciation: (kôrk), [key]
— n.
  1. a county in Munster province, in S Republic of Ireland. 266,019; 2881 sq. mi. (7460 sq. km).
  2. a seaport in and the county seat of Cork, in the S part. 136,344.
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