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Pronunciation: (n.kon'sôrt,v.kun-sôrt'), [key]
— n.
  1. a husband or wife; spouse, esp. of a reigning monarch. Cf. prince consort, queen consort.
  2. one vessel or ship accompanying another.
    1. a group of instrumentalists and singers who perform music, esp. old music.
    2. a group of instruments of the same family, as viols, played in concert.
  3. a companion, associate, or partner: a confidant and consort of heads of state.
  4. accord or agreement.
    1. company or association.
    2. harmony of sounds.
  1. to associate; keep company: to consort with known criminals.
  2. to agree or harmonize.
  1. to associate, join, or unite.
    1. to accompany; espouse.
    2. to sound in harmony.
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