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Pronunciation: (kong"gri-gā'shun), [key]
— n.
  1. an assembly of persons brought together for common religious worship.
  2. the act of congregating or the state of being congregated.
  3. a gathered or assembled body; assemblage.
  4. an organization formed for the purpose of providing for worship of God, for religious education, and for other church activities; a local church society.
  5. the people of Israel. Ex. 12:3,6; Lev. 4:13.
  6. the Christian church in general.
    1. a committee of cardinals or other ecclesiastics.
    2. a community of men or women, either with or without vows, observing a common rule.
  7. (at English universities) the general assembly of the doctors, fellows, etc.
  8. (in colonial North America) a parish, town, plantation, or other settlement.
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