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Pronunciation: (klinch), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to settle (a matter) decisively: After they clinched the deal they went out to celebrate.
  2. to secure (a nail, screw, etc.) in position by beating down the protruding point: He drove the nails through the board and clinched the points flat with a hammer.
  3. to fasten (objects) together by nails, screws, etc., secured in this manner.
  4. to fasten by a clinch.
  1. to engage in a clinch: The boxers clinched and were separated by the referee.
  2. to embrace, esp. passionately.
  3. (of a clinched nail, screw, etc.) to hold fast; be secure.
  1. the act of clinching.
  2. an act or instance of one or both boxers holding the other about the arms or body in order to prevent or hinder the opponent's punches.
  3. a passionate embrace.
  4. a clinched nail or fastening.
  5. the bent part of a clinched nail, screw, etc.
  6. a knot or bend in which a bight or eye is made by making a loop or turn in the rope and seizing the end to the standing part.
  7. a pun.
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