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Pronunciation: (kas'ul, kä'sul), [key]
— n., v., -tled, -tling.
  1. a fortified, usually walled residence, as of a prince or noble in feudal times.
  2. the chief and strongest part of the fortifications of a medieval city.
  3. a strongly fortified, permanently garrisoned stronghold.
  4. a large and stately residence, esp. one, with high walls and towers, that imitates the form of a medieval castle.
  5. any place providing security and privacy: It may be small, but my home is my castle.
  6. the rook.
  1. to place or enclose in or as in a castle.
  2. to move (the king) in castling.


Pronunciation: (kas'ul, kä'sul), [key]
  1. 1893–1969, born in the U.S., and her husband and partner(Vernon Castle Blythe), 1887–1918, born in England, U.S. ballroom dancers.

Castle The

Pronunciation: [key]
  1. (German, Das Schloss), a novel (1926) by Franz Kafka.
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