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Pronunciation: (kab), [key]
? n., v., cabbed, cab•bing.
  1. a taxicab.
  2. any of various horse-drawn vehicles, as a hansom or brougham, esp. one for public hire.
  3. the covered or enclosed part of a locomotive, truck, crane, etc., where the operator sits.
  4. the glass-enclosed area of an airport control tower in which the controllers are stationed.
  1. to ride in a taxicab or horse-drawn cab: They cabbed to the theater.


Pronunciation: (kab), [key]
? n.
  1. an ancient Hebrew measure equal to about two quarts.


Pronunciation: (kab), [key]
? n. Chiefly Brit.
  1. cabbage (def. 1b).


Pronunciation: [key]
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