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Pronunciation: (boor-zhwä', boor'zhwä Fr. b&oomacrr-zhwa'), [key]
— n., pl. adj. -geois,
  1. a member of the middle class.
  2. a person whose political, economic, and social opinions are believed to be determined mainly by concern for property values and conventional respectability.
  3. a shopkeeper or merchant.
  1. belonging to, characteristic of, or consisting of the middle class.
  2. conventional; middle-class.
  3. dominated or characterized by materialistic pursuits or concerns.


Pronunciation: (bur-jois'), [key]
  1. a size of type approximately 9-point, between brevier and long primer.


Pronunciation: (boor-zhwä', boor'zhwä Fr. b&oomacrr-zhwa'), [key]
  1. 1851–1925, French statesman: Nobel peace prize 1920.
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