May 2016: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Baghdad Attacks

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

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Here's a slideshow depicting the major world news events of May 2016.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Baghdad Attacks
Picture of destroyed storefront after the marketplace car bombing in Baghdad, Iraq.
ISIS claims responsibility for the bombings that occured May 11, 2016, in Baghdad, Iraq. The three bombs kill 80 people and wound many more. The largest of the attacks is a car bomb that detonates, killing 66 people, destroying 30 stores and burning at least 20 cars. Later that day another bomb explodes in the Kadhmiya neighborhood, killing 17 people; another attack in the Jamiya neighborhood, kills nine. Later that week, ISIS claims responsibility for another attack on a Baghdad gas plant. Two suicide bombers detonate, throwing the place into flames while six ISIS militants attempt to storm the building but are held off. Five police officers are killed in the attack.
Photo source: AP Photo /Khalid Mohammed
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