U.S. News: Major U.S. news stories, from the Presidential Election to the Chicago Teachers' Strike

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Major U.S. news stories, from the Presidential Election to the Chicago Teachers' Strike

by Jennie Wood
Barack Obama

Barack Obama

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The biggest story this year for the United States was the 2012 Presidential Election. Other events like the teachers' strike in Chicago, the U.S. Supreme Court reviewing Obama's Affordable Health Care Act, and several state-wide battles over gay marriage threatened to have an impact on the election. Meanwhile, the nation continued to be shocked by the fallout over the Penn State scandal as well as be deeply affected by the killing of Trayvon Martin and the movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado. The 2012 General Election turned out much like the election in 2010, with the Democrats maintaining control of the Senate while the Republicans still dominated the House. As 2013 approached, a still divided Congress was faced with resolving Federal Budget issues in time to avoid a possible fiscal cliff. Read about these 2012 news highlights and more below.

Election 2012

Obama stays in the White House while Democrats keep control of the Senate and Republicans remain in charge of the House

Campaign 2012

Look back at the close, intense 2012 presidential election campaign

Chicago Teachers' Strike

Teachers from the nation's third largest school district go on strike

The U.S. Economy and the Fiscal Cliff

The still struggling U.S. economy may go over a fiscal cliff

Petraeus Scandal

General Petraeus resigns from the CIA after his extramarital affair is uncovered by the FBI

The U.S. and Gay Marriage in 2012

Same-sex marriage is a reoccurring issue throughout 2012

Gunman Kills Twenty Children in Connecticut

The shooting reignites the debate on gun control

U.S. Supreme Court Reviews the Affordable Health Care Act

A nation's highest court reviews the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act

Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

More people are killed and wounded than in any other shooting in U.S. history

Occupy Wall Street Anniversary

Checking in with the nationwide protest one year later

The Population Shifts in the United States

According to Census data released in 2012, white births are no longer the majority

Aftermath of the Penn State Child Molestation Scandal

Sandusky receives his sentence

Trayvon Martin case

The killing of Trayvon Martin sparks national outrage

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