Science News, 2012

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Major science news stories, from Superstorm Sandy to the deadly meningitis outbreak to advances in understanding cancer

by Catherine McNiff
Hurricane Sandy satellite image

The eye of Superstorm Sandy bears down on the eastern seaboard. Photo courtesy of NOAA

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Superstorm Sandy

A pre-Halloween storm devastates parts of New York and New Jersey

Disease Reference Guides

How an atlas of cancer and an encyclopedia of DNA are helping us discover the origin of disease

Extreme Weather

Severe Drought Quiets U.S. Tornado Season, but Fans the Flames of Southwest Wildfires

Curiosity's Mission to Mars

The NASA rover Curiosity is looking for signs of life on Mars

Deadly Bites

The lowly mosquito causes panic with a West Nile outbreak and an EEE scare

Meningitis Outbreak

Tainted injections sicken hundreds, kill dozens

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