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Psychology, Symbolism, and Interesting Facts

Color Wheel

The Color Wheel

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Symbolism and Psychology

Color Psychology
Do different colors affect your mood?

Quiz: Color Psychology
Hospital rooms are often painted in what relaxing color?

What Your Car Color Says About You
Red is speedy, silver is cool, and dark green is traditional

A World of Color from Crayons to Academic Costume

The History of Color
Learn how people in ancient times created color for their garments

Seasonal Color Analysis
Find out how to choose the right colors to wear

Most Popular Car Colors
SUV drivers like white; sports car drivers prefer silver

Most Popular International Car Colors
South Americans, Asians, and Europeans largely have the same taste in car colors

Academic Costume Colors
The color of science is golden yellow; the color of theology is scarlet

Crayola Crayon Colors
Among the newest Crayola colors are mango tango and inch worm

Colors of the Universe
From blue stars to red spots

Color and Fashion
From blue jeans to white lab coats

Facts About Color

Encyclopedia: Color
The spectrum and properties of color

The Color Wheel
Primary and secondary colors explained

Color Value
Tints and shades

Complementary Colors
Opposites on the spectrum: blue and orange, red and green

Analogous Colors
Colors closely associated on the color spectrum

Warm Colors
Warm colors are made with red, orange, and yellow

Cool Colors
Cool colors are made with blue, green, and purple

The Color Wheel and Types of Colors
Color values and tints, complementary colors, analogous colors, and more

Science Experiment: What's in a Color?
Are all colors created equally? Is the red dye in a magic marker simply made up of red chemicals?

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