British Royalty: History & Biographies

British royal family standing at Buckingham Palace
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Find everything you need and want to know about the British Royal Family, past and present. Read biographies and find information about royal weddings — and royal scandals.


King Charles III of England

Learn about the new monarch of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, King Charles III, including his early life, marriages, and ascension to the throne after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II: Reign and Life

Discover the life and deeds of the longest-reigning monarch in British History: Queen Elizabeth II.

The First Born of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Read details about the birth of the third in line to the throne.

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Find all the details about the big day, read a biography of Kate Middleton as well as a feature on the couple's first pregnancy.

Royal Family History & Titles

Follow the British family tree from George V to Prince Harry, find out how to get your own royal title, and more.

Royal Biographies

Learn details about the lives of British Royals from Queen Victoria to Kate Middleton. Read about Princess Diana's lasting legacy.

Royal Family Quizzes & Crosswords

Use these quizzes and crosswords to test your knowledge of the Royal Family.

Kingdoms & Monarchs of the World

Learn about other monarchs and kingdoms throughout the world.

Historical Britain: Rulers | Rulers of England and Great Britain

The monarchy of the United Kingdom has enjoyed a long and colorful history. Find out about the kings and queens of yore, as far back as the 700s! 

The Death of Queen Elizabeth II...and Telling the Bees

Find out about this interesting and ancient tradition of telling the royal beehives about the passing of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II to prevent bad luck and ill fortune.

Biographies of the British Royal Family



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