Royal Biographies: Princess Alexandra

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Princess Alexandra

by David Johnson

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The queen's cousin Princess Alexandra was the first British princess to attend an ordinary school, Heathfield School, near Ascot. She later studied music and French at a Parisian finishing school.

In 1963, she married Angus Ogilvy, second son of the Earl of Airlie. They have two children: James, born in 1964, and Marina, born in 1966; and four grandchildren. Their children do not carry out official royal duties. Ogilvy died in December 2004.

On occasion, Alexandra has acted as Counsellor of State, serving in effect as deputy monarch when the Queen has been unavailable. Alexandra represented Britain at Nigeria's independence ceremonies in 1960, and has made numerous official trips abroad, including visits to Japan and the United States.

She is especially active with medical and welfare organizations, and enjoys swimming, skiing, riding, and music.

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