1997 Alfred I. duPont — Columbia University Awards in Television and Radio Journalism

Updated September 9, 2022 | Infoplease Staff
GOLD BATONYugoslavia: Death of a Nation (Brian Lapping Associates; BBC and the Discovery Channel)
Television AwardsNightline: “The State vs. Simpson,” “Journey of a Country Doctor” and “Town Meeting: Thou Shalt Not Kill” (ABC)
60 Minutes: “Punishing Saddam” and “Too Good to Be True” (CBS)
Dateline: “Class Photo” (NBC)
Frontline: “Shtetl” (PBS)
Nova: “Plague Fighters” (PBS)
Major Market TelevisionWFAA, Dallas, Texas, and Robert Riggs for an investigative report into suspicious payments and commissions between a member of the Dallas Independent School Board and the insurance agent who provided the schools' many insurance and pension policies
Medium Market TelevisionNo award
Small Market TelevisionKREM-TV, Spokane, Washington, and Tom Grant for investigating a rash of indictments on charges of sexual abuse in the rural area of Wenatchee, Washington
Independent Television ProductionsKirk Simon and Karen Goodman, Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud (PBS)
Cable TelevisionHBO for its commitment to serious long-form programming as exemplified by High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell and The Celluloid Closet
Radio AwardsNPR for Anne Garrels's coverage of the former Soviet Union
Norman Corwin and Mary Beth Kirchner, “Fifty Years After 14 August” (NPR)
Radio Smithsonian, “Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was” (PRI)

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