Top News Stories from 1933

World Events

World Statistics

Population: 4.378 billion
population by decade
Nobel Peace Prize: Sir Norman Angell (UK)
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U.S. Events

U.S. Statistics

Vice President: John N. Garner
Population: 125,578,763
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Federal spending: $4.60 billion
Consumer Price Index: $13
Unemployment: 25.2%
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.03


World Series
NY Giants d. Washington (4-1)
Stanley Cup
NY Rangers d. Toronto
Women: Helen Moody d. D. Round (6-4 6-8 6-3)
Men: Jack Crawford d. E. Vines (4-6 11-9 6-2 2-6 6-4)
Kentucky Derby Champion
Brokers Tip
NCAA Football Champions
Michigan (8-0-0)


Entertainment Awards

Pulitzer Prizes
Fiction: The Store, T. S. Stribling
Drama: Both Your Houses, Maxwell Anderson
Academy Award, Best Picture: No ceremony was held this year. Films from 1933 were honored in 1934.
Nobel Prize for Literature: Ivan G. Bunin (Russia)
Miss America: Marion Bergeron (CT)
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  • Edwin Armstrong introduces frequency modulation (FM), a static-free method of transmission.
  • Esquire debuts as the first men's magazine.
  • Laurens Hammond introduces his Hammond organ.
  • Sally Rand's fan dance is a hit at the Chicago World's Fair.


Nobel Prizes in Science

Chemistry: None awarded
Physics: Erwin Schrödinger (Austria) and Paul A. M. Dirac (UK), for discovery of new fertile forms of the atomic theory
Physiology or Medicine: Thomas H. Morgan (US), for discoveries on hereditary function of the chromosomes
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