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This week's theme: Winter Olympics
The 2006 Winter Olympics


1. * ___ Lake 2002 Winter Olympics - Let the Games Begin!

5. * Moves performed in #39A

11. * The muscles of a Winter Olympics athlete might be ___ the day after a competition than they were the day before a competition

13. * delS a no tropS

16. * Elimination Event at the Winter Olympics: ___ Speed Skating

18. Kind of hoop ...flipped around?

19. Brazilian city, with Paulo

20. State in the U.S.A.

21. * Soreness caused by friction (Experienced by a Skater who wears uncomfortable skates)

22. * In Ice Hockey, a Hat Trick is when a player scores ___ in a single game

28. Cummings the Poet

29. * What relay Skating teams are skilled at

31. Icky stuff

32. Explosive palindrome

33. Sort of fish

34. Q. "Was ___ Asner who portrayed Mary Tyler Moore's boss on TV?" A. "Yes."

37. Motor vehicle

39. * Sport at the Winter Olympics

45. Residue scooped from a fireplace

46. Drink, with Colada

47. Legume

48. A Bobbsey Twin

50. * To perform the Camel Spin, a Figure Skater must spin on ___ leg

52. * Site for the sports of Biathlon, Cross-Country and Nordic Combined during the Winter Olympics of #1A: Soldier ___

55. kereD .sM

56. * The very tight and hooded racing suits worn by Speed Skaters are designed that way in order to decrease this: Air ___

59. Topsy-Turvyness

61. Movie org.

62. * What an athlete might do to keep in shape prior to the Winter Olympics

65. "sk" eht tuohtiw ,sepaC

66. * In the Winter Olympics sport of Luge, G-Force (Gravitational Force) is the thing that holds the sled and the Luge Athlete (known as a Slider) on the wall of a what?

71. * The last team member to jump into a Bobsleigh at the start of the run

73. * The last stone shot in a Curling end (an "End" is a portion of a Curling game --of which there are 10 ends played in a Curling game)

74. * What the Underdog said before his Winter Olympics event: "There ___ for me to become a medalist, and it's called giving it all I've got!"

75. * Type of Skate worn in Speed Skating: ___ Skate



1. * An athlete competing in Biathlon events who has good marksmanship should be able to do this

2. * Snowboarding trick: ___ to Fakie

3. Permit

4. Make-a-Word! _-A-_-O-_ (Fortune-Teller's card)

5. * molalS ___ 'seidaL :scipmylO retniW eht ta tneve eniplA

6. lammaM gniooM

7. Q. "Is ___ that is the 11th letter of the alphabet? A. "Yes."

8. Ms. Hinton (Author of "The Outsiders")

9. ...toN ___ uohT :tnemdnammoC a fo gninnigeB

10. Ms. Ward

11. Beast of Burden

12. Ballroom dance, when doubled

14. * One (of two) on a Luge sled

15. * Venue for Curling during the Winter Olympics of 2002: The Ice ___ (See #26D for a Related Clue)

17. oob-oob a ekaM

21. * Time (Measure the speed of a Winter Olympics athlete)

23. "Greetings!"

24. Doc's helper

25. "serP" eht tuohtiw ,gnidnatS hgiH

26. * The venue at #15D is located at ___

27. Traditional garment, with Dai

29. * Ice Hockey official, commonly

30. eman (2991) "emaG gniyrC ehT"

32. * Figure Skating maneuver

35. * Complaint made by a Competitor in the Cross-Country portion of the Nordic Combined competition: "I'm not very happy because this wax isn't the ___ normally use."

36. Mr. Wallach

38. Spielberg flick in '01

40. Dar-___-Salaam (City in Tanzania)

41. * Players in Curling wear specially designed ones

42. World's largest desert, minus the "ra"

43. Modern

44. What a happy dog's tail will do (bkwds.)

48. * riA ___ naidanaC :evom gnidraobwonS

49. Loathe a lot

51. Singer-Songwriter (Initials) who co-wrote "Laughter in the Rain"

53. * Said by the Winter Olympian: "My dream is to stand ___ the top spot of the podium to see my country's flag raised and hear our national anthem."

54. She (Initials) co-starred in "An American in Paris" (1951)

56. * In Curling, they are also known as "Stones" --and they are made of dense granite

57. * Said before a Winter Olympics competition: "I hope it isn't too ___ out because I really don't want to be blinded while I'm speeding down the hill to make my first big jump of the day."

58. Acquires, without the "es"

60. Jai's follower

63. Iron's follower

64. Axl Rose's gr.

66. Posh auto

67. Driver's org.

68. araveuG .rM

69. Musical direction, with Segno

70. trohs rof ,ytitnauQ

72. Per item (abbr.)


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