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Updated July 11, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
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by Kelly Ann Buchanan
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This week's theme: The Beatles


1. * Sir George ___ (He signed The Beatles to a record deal with Parlophone, a subsidiary of EMI, in 1962. He also became their very talented Producer.)
7. Part of the Psyche (pl.)
10. Mr. Wagner, to pals
13. * From the 'Let it Be' (1970) album: "___ the Universe"
14. Certain Caustic
15. Caf© Lait connecter
16. Scarlett's home
17. * The Beatles' anthem: "___ You Need Is Love"
18. * Mr. Preston who played keyboards on "Get Back" [From 'Let It Be' (1970)]
20. Aniston's hubby
21. Young Horse ...gone haywire?
22. * See #50D
23. * This song opens with this line: "The world is treating me bad..."
25. * "I'm ___ Sleeping" [From 'Revolver' (1966)]
27. In the past
28. Ms. Horne ...flipped around?
30. Volcanic residue
32. * Legendary Locale in Liverpool
37. Italian Island
41. * Directed by Richard Lester, it was John, Paul, George and Ringo's first movie: "___ Day's Night" (1964)
42. Domestic swine
43. * Mr. Epstein (Manager of The Beatles who helped them get to the Toppermost of the Poppermost)
44. * Mr. Shankar who gave George Harrison pointers on how to play the sitar
45. * Beatles song
47. * Lennon-McCartney song: "We ___ Work It Out"
49. Before ...backwards?
50. Gift of the what?
53. * "___ ruoY dloH ot tnaW I" :4691 ,ht9 yraurbeF no ,wohs s'navilluS dE no deraeppa yeht nehw gnos siht deyalp seltaeB ehT
55. * John Lennon and Yoko Ono were into it
60. Woolly-haired mammal
62. * Mr. Best (The drummer who Ringo replaced)
64. World Org. ...flipped around?
65. * Paul being barefoot on its cover was considered part of the 'evidence' that the whole Paul is Dead rumor was true: '___ Road' (1969)
66. * "___ Love You": In the United Kingdom, it was the flip-side of the single at #61D
67. Pair ...on the fritz?
68. Length measurement (abbr.)
69. House Siding, without the "minum"
70. * While on an extended gig in Hamburg, Germany, Stuart Sutcliffe (the band's original bassist) fell in love with this artsy blonde who would take the now-famous black and white photographs of the leather-clad Beatles
72. * Bellowed during Beatlemania: "Mom, I want my hair to be just like the Mop Tops --___ I have to start letting it grow long!"
73. * The Beatles sang "All Together Now" at the end of the animated movie "Yellow Submarine" (1968). Here is a part from it: "One, two, three, four / Can I have a little more? / Five, six, seven, eight / Nine, ___ I love you...
74. * The Fab Four's competition, with The



1. Pa's Partner
2. Play Part
3. * Starkey's stage name ...flipped around?
4. Rich dessert
5. * "Happiness ___ Warm Gun" (Song from the 1968 album, 'The Beatles', which is commonly known as 'The White Album')
6. * People who love The Beatles, without the "Fa"
7. * Beatles song
8. * His songwriting style inspired the Lennon-sung tune at #56D
9. Ms. Hinton
10. * The B-Side to "Paperback Writer"
11. * She had seashell eyes
12. * From the song "Hello, Goodbye": "...yes, I ___..."
17. Vestment in Vietnam, with Dai
18. * Song sung by Ringo on the 'Please Please Me' album released in the United Kingdom, in 1963
19. Thing in a fireplace
20. After noon letters
21. Ms. Redgrave
24. Mr. Depardieu, without the "Ge"
26. Scientific Spot, smallily
29. Canyon Sound! ...Canyon Sound! ...Canyon Sound!
31. * Paul McCartney sang it --which is widely regarded as one of his best love songs: "___, There and Everywhere"
32. * BEEP! BEEP! It's from the 'Rubber Soul' album released in the United Kingdom, on December 3rd, 1965: "Drive My ___"
33. "Gotcha!"
34. Wow!, minus the "oom!"
35. * Mr. Clapton who played lead guitar on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (Written by George Harrison)
36. Yuckies
38. Flexible, minus the "ber"
39. Cry from the barn
40. Ms. Miller
43. Town in southern California
45. Tripled letter
46. Beverage in a Bar ...gone bonkers?
48. * Groundbreaker from 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' (1967): "___ in the Life"
50. * John sings "I told you about strawberry fields / You know the place where nothing is real" on this song, with #22A
51. Priest's garment
52. * "___ in Black" [From 'Beatles for Sale' (1964)]
54. * The Beatles' company: ___ Corps Ltd
56. * "You've ___ Hide Your Love Away" (From the 'Help!' album of 1965)
57. * From the hard-rocking song, "Helter Skelter": "When I get to the bottom I go back / To the top of the slide / Where I stop and ___ / And I go for a ride / Till I get to the bottom / And I see you again....
58. * Beatles song, with Sexy
59. Alphabet sequence
61. * Harmonica is heard on this hit which hit the #1 spot on the Billboard chart in the States, on May 30th, 1964: "Love ___"
63. Scale Syllable
67. Founded, for short
69. * "Any Time ___ All" (From #41A)
70. * Q. "Do you think there will ever be another group or singer ___ big ___ The Beatles?" A. "No."
71. * The Beatles and Wings, without the "Ban"

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