Paid Vacation Around the World

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

The following table lists the number of paid vacation days per year employees receive in each of the selected countries, in descending order.

Brazil30 days
Denmark30 days
Finland30 days
France30 days
Germany30 days
Italy30 days
Spain30 days
Sweden30 days
UAE30 days
Austria25 days
Netherlands25 days
Norway25 days
United Kingdom25 days
Ireland21 days
Australia20 days
India20 days
Japan20 days
New Zealand20 days
Canada15 days
Hong Kong15 days
Mexico15 days
Singapore15 days
South Korea15 days
USA15 days
Malaysia14 days
Thailand10 days
Source:, 2015 Vacation Deprivation Study

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