Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information:14 Sep 2016
  • Pres.
  • Prime Min.
    Youssef CHAHED
  • Min. of Agriculture
    Samir BETAIEB
  • Min. of Communication Technologies & Digital Economy
    Anwar MAAROUF
  • Min. of Culture
    KMohamed Zine El ABIDINE
  • Min. of Defense
    Farhat HORCHANI
  • Min. of Development, Investment & International Cooperation
    Fadhel ABDELKEFI
  • Min. of Education
    Neji JELLOUL
  • Min. of Employment & Vocational Training
    Imed HAMMAMI
  • Min. of Energy, Mining and Renewable Energy
  • Min. of Equipment, Habitat, & Urban Planning (Acting)
    Mohamed Salah ARFAOUI
  • Min. of Finance
    Lamia ZRIBI
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs
    Khemaies JHINAOUI
  • Min. of Health
    Samira MERAI
  • Min. of Higher Education & Scientific Research
  • Min. of Industry and Trade
    Zied LADHARI
  • Min. of Interior
    Hedi MAJDOUB
  • Min. of Justice
    Ghazi JERIBI
  • Min. of Local Affairs and Environment
    Riadh MOUAKHER
  • Min. of Parliamentary Relations
    Iyed DAHMANI
  • Min. of Public Service, Governance & Anticorruption
    Abid BRIKI
  • Min. of Public Works, Housing, and Spatial Development
    Mohamed Salah ARFAOUI
  • Min. of Relations with Constitutional Bodies, Civil Society, and Human Rights
    Mehdi Ben GHARBIA
  • Min. of Religious Affairs
    Abdeljelil Ben SALEM
  • Min. of Social Affairs
    Mohamed TRABELSI
  • Min. of Tourism & Crafts
    Selma Elloumi REKIK
  • Min. of Transport
    Anis GHEDIRA
  • Min. of Women, Family, & Childhood
    Naziha LAABIDI
  • Min. of Youth & Sports
    Majdouline CHERNI
  • Speaker, People's Representative Assembly
    Mohamed ENNACEUR
  • Governor, Central Bank
    Chedli AYARI
  • Ambassador to the US
    Faycal GOUIA
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York
    Mohamed Khaled KHIARI