March 2006 Disasters

  • March 6–7., Tex.: more than 200 wildfires in a 24-hour period destroyed 15 homes, killed 10,000 cattle and horses, and burned 191,000 acres. Since December 26th, Texas wildfires have killed 11 people, destroyed 400 homes, and burned more than 3.7 million acres
  • March 10–13, Southern Plains and Midwest, U.S.: over 100 tornadoes hit 5 states, killing 10.
  • March 14, Kauai, Hawaii: a dam collapsed on the northern side of the mountain sending 300 million gallons of water into the valley. Seven people died.
  • March 23, Gulf of Guinea, Cameroon: a ship, carrying 150 people, sank on it's way from Nigeria to Gabon. There were 27 survivors.
  • March 30, Persian Gulf, Bahrain: a chartered cruise boat, carrying 137 people, capsized, killing 57.
  • March 31, western, Iran: three earthquakes, 210 miles southwest of Tehran, killed 70 people and destroyed more than 40 villages.

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