June 2001 Disasters

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  • May?June, Utah: Hordes of crickets and grasshoppers infested more than 1.5 million acres in 18 of the state's 29 counties, causing some $25 million in crop damage.
  • June 6, Bangladesh: Severe flooding caused by heavy monsoon rains inundated several villages and left some 100,000 Bangladeshis stranded.
  • June 8?15, Gulf Coast to southern New England: Tropical Storm Allison caused severe flooding, especially around Houston, where 20,000 residents were evacuated from their homes. Rainfall totals reached 40 in. in parts of Tex. and La. Storm-related fatalities included 23 in Tex., 1 in La., 1 in Miss., 8 in Fla., 7 in Penn., and 1 in Va.
  • June 11?12, nr. Quito, Ecuador: At least 38 people died and thousands were evacuated from their homes after torrential rains flooded rivers and triggered landslides.
  • June 22, Cochin, Kerala, India: At least 57 people died and hundreds more were injured when the Mangalore?Chennai mail train derailed and plunged off an aging bridge into the Kadalundi River.
  • June 23, nr. Arequipa and Moquegua, Peru: A 7.9-magnitude earthquake killed 70 people, injured 1,200 others, and left 20,500 homeless.
  • June 23?24, Taiwan and Fujian province, China: Typhoon Chebi killed 9 people in Taiwan and 73 people in Fujian province in southeast China. A total of 109 fishing boats and four yachts sank in the Pescadores, off Taiwan's western coast. Damages to crops in Taiwan were estimated at $13.3 million.

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