January 2003 Disasters

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  • Jan. 1?8, Bangladesh and Northern India: Nearly 400 people perished from cold weather and icy winds in an area where millions of people have no heat, electricity, or warm clothing.
  • Jan. 8, Charlotte, N.C.: A US Airways Express/Air Midwest commuter plane, Flight 5481, crashed moments after takeoff at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. All 21 people aboard were killed.
  • Jan. 8, Diyarbakar, Turkey: A Turkish airplane approaching the airport crashed in foggy weather, 75 people died, five survived.
  • Jan. 9, Chachapoyas, Peru: A Peruvian TANS Airlines plane carrying 46 people crashed in the mountains just before it was due to land in Chachapoyas, north of Lima. All 46 people perished.
  • Jan. 221, Colima, Mexico: An earthquake measuring 7.6 magnitude was felt throughout west-central Mexico, causing extensive damage and 29 deaths.
1. January 22, 02:06:35 UT (January 21, 8:06 P.M. local time)

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