South Dakota: American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2000

Todd County: 85.6Yankton County: 1.6Bon Homme County: 3.0Union County: 0.4Clay County: 2.7Clay County: 2.7Kingsbury County: 0.4Harding County: 0.7Hughes County: 8.7Pennington County: 8.1Moody County: 12.0Lake County: 0.7Miner County: 0.3Sanborn County: 0.3Lyman County: 33.3Jerauld County: 0.6Buffalo County: 81.6Roberts County: 29.9Perkins County: 1.6Marshall County: 6.3Brown County: 2.7Corson County: 60.8McPherson County: 0.3Campbell County: 0.3Day County: 7.4Edmunds County: 0.3Walworth County: 11.8Jones County: 2.4Jackson County: 47.8Aurora County: 1.9Brule County: 8.3Custer County: 3.1Minnehaha County: 1.9McCook County: 0.4Hanson County: 0.1Davison County: 2.0Mellette County: 52.4Ziebach County: 72.3Dewey County: 74.2Grant County: 0.4Butte County: 1.6Spink County: 1.5Faulk County: 0.2Potter County: 0.8Codington County: 1.4Clark County: 0.6Meade County: 2.0Tripp County: 11.2Shannon County: 94.2Lincoln County: 0.5Turner County: 0.3Fall River County: 6.1Hutchinson County: 0.6Douglas County: 1.0Charles Mix County: 28.3Gregory County: 5.6Bennett County: 52.1Deuel County: 0.3Hand County: 0.1Hyde County: 8.0Sully County: 0.8Hamlin County: 0.6Stanley County: 4.9Haakon County: 2.5Lawrence County: 2.2Beadle County: 0.9Brookings County: 0.9 American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2000legend

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