The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, June 6, 1806

Clark, June 6, 1806

The Chopunnish call the Crow Indians Up-shar-look-kar

Chopunnish name for Sin-sho-cal Dearbourne R ditto- do- Cal la mar-Sha mosh Meddesons ditto- do- Co-ma win-nim Maria River ditto ditto- Ta-ki-a-ki-a Mescle Shell R ditto- ditto Wah-wo-ko-ye-o-cose is th ____ ditto do- Rockejhone- Elk river

ditto do- Koos-koos-an-nim-a the little Missouri ditto- do- Walch-Nim-mah- Knife R ditto- do Ni-hi-Sir-te- C. R