The Journals of Lewis & Clark: Clark, June 27, 1805

Clark, June 27, 1805

June 27th Thursday 1805

a fair warm morning wind from the S, E, and moderate. Serjt. Pryor Something better this morning, I proceed to finish a rough draugh of the river & Distances to leave at this place, the wormest day we have had this year, at 4 oClock the Party returned from the head of the portage Soon after it began to hail and rain hard and continued for a fiew minits & Ceased for an hour and began to rain again with a heavy wind from the N W. I refresh the men with a drink of grog The river beginning to rise a little the water is Coloured a redish brown, the Small Streams, discharges in great torrents, and partake of the Choler of the earth over which it passes-a great part of which is light & of a redish brown. Several Buffalow pass drowned & in passing over the falls Cloudy all night, Cold